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Wash Day Blues

Wash Day Blues | Asset Finance for Industrial Laundry Equipment | Industrial Washing Machine Finance

In today’s busy society we often don’t notice the hard work that goes on in the background helping to keep life as we know it, running seamlessly. We know such activities are vital, but they are just not usually on our radar until things go wrong.

For example, when we book to stay in a hotel we expect our room to be available when we arrive. We take for granted that the beds will be made and that the room will be clean, tidy and looking its best. . We forget all of the things that are needed to ensure that our room is ready and meets the required standard. A business such as this can only succeed if it has the right people and the right equipment in place.

For hotels, leisure resorts and laundrette’s it is vital that they have reliable, efficient equipment. One of the most crucial being the laundry equipment. These machines will be running on an almost continuous cycle, they need to be robust and as such come with an expensive price tag. When a business recognises it is time to invest in new machinery such as this, the hurdle they face is how to pay for the asset without affecting cashflow. It is at this stage the NGI team step in to provide advice, guidance and financial solutions. We have broad experience in providing asset finance for industrial laundry equipment, for more information please call us on 01993 706403.