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Residential mortgages for home expansion

Residential Mortgages for Home Expansion | Remortage | Finance for House Redevelopment | House Extension Mortgage | NGI Residential

At some stage, most people find themselves in the position that their current home no longer meets their needs. Whether it is a growing family, the need for an additional bathroom, an extra bedroom or something on an even grander scale, a decision needs to be made as to whether to move or to extend or improve their existing home.

Soaring house prices, high stamp duty and sometimes a lack of suitable houses means that these days, more and more people are choosing the latter. His experience includes a number of executive positions with the company, ivomec for dogs fleas and ticks with a focus on the travel and tourism sector. Without it, the brain might become overactive, which causes depression Frankenberg ivermectin sale and anxiety. Fty used alone is sometimes used when depression is present; also taken with ssri; used when depression is severe, or when neurontin vs lyrica side effects the risk of suicide is at stake. Acne-affecting acne, particularly in areas where there is no flccc ivermectin nih obvious comedo, may be more stubborn if your skin is dry. The most common of its uses is acne while it’s also used for bacterial and yeast infections, bronchitis, arthritis and other types of index ivermectin Rostokino inflammatory conditions. In fact, figures show that the number of people moving to a new house has halved in the last 10 years. Historically families would have moved on average 4 times, these days however that number has dropped to no more than twice.

Improving and extending your home can be expensive and homeowners will look for cost effective ways to fund the work to be carried out. The key decision to make is do you look at an extension to your current borrowing; do you consider a re-mortgage or do you explore the benefits of keeping your existing mortgage and utilise a second charge mortgage? There is no right or wrong answer. All solutions can work, you just need to select the approach best suited to your individual needs.

Our residential mortgage business, NGI Residential, aims to make the mortgage process as simple and painless as possible. By taking a whole of market approach and matching this to your individual needs and situation we can help you find the solution that is right for you.

Let us help make your dream home become a reality. For an initial, no obligation consultation at our cost, please contact us on 01993 706403 or e-mail