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Business acquisition loan

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When the time is right, purchasing an existing business or franchise can be an incredible opportunity for any entrepreneur or business professional. Growing businesses might also see their growth plans realised further through company acquisitions. Often the purchase of a business will be driven by its reputation, established customer base and proven track record. Once an entrepreneur or business owner finds the right option that has all these features then obtaining the right business acquisition finance and completing the purchase can be a relatively simple process   

Of course, finding the right business to purchase can be a time-consuming process. Once one has been identified, the purchaser needs to act quickly to ensure that they don’t miss out on the opportunity. Crucial to this will be having access to a business acquisition loan or finance to enable them to complete the purchase.

A business acquisition loan is exactly as the name suggests, a small business loan that can be used for financing the purchase of a business or a franchise. Loan amounts and terms can vary depending on the specific circumstances of the entrepreneur or business completing the purchase.

Here at NGI we have broad experience when dealing with business acquisition loans. We can assist with the purchase of a new business, an existing business, a new franchise or the purchase of an additional franchise. Recently we have assisted an entrepreneur with the purchase of a business in the Thames Valley, securing finance for them of £150,000.

Should you need some help with business acquisition finance then please call us on 01993 706403 or e-mail