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A total business finance solution

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The field of business finance can, on occasion, feel overwhelming with people unsure which direction to turn and who to rely on. Having worked for high street lenders prior to establishing NGI, we can fully appreciate how frustrating the lack of flexibility in their lending solutions can be. That is why we took the opportunity to set up our own so that we can provide a truly independent and wide-ranging service in relation to business finance.

We can assist with:

Business Asset Finance – whether it is hire purchase or lease finance we can help you to find the right finance solution for all types of business assets.

Business Loans and Finance – there are no shortage of options for business loans, both unsecured and secured solutions can be explored to suit all requirements.

Commercial Mortgages – with rates at an all-time low we can help source the very best commercial mortgage and will also work with property investors to help raise funds for their portfolio.

Sales Invoice Finance – unpaid invoices can represent a huge part of your sales sheet but can massively impact on your cash flow, so we can help finance working capital until cash tied up in unpaid invoices can be settled.

Property Development Finance – whether the need is to purchase a new building, land or refurbish existing properties, we can source finance loans which can be secured against the land or property.

Crowdfunding – working with crowd funders we can help with all types of crowdfunding projects by sourcing peer to peer lending solutions.

We would be delighted to offer you some help with your business finance needs. To book your free review please feel free to call us on 01993 706403 or e-mail