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We aim to provide the best service possible every time, so no matter how large or small, no matter what type of business you are in our objective is to help you get the best result. We are a highly experienced financial consultancy based in Oxfordshire, and we can make a difference for you or your business.

Case Study – Asset Finance

Asset Finance Case Study

Established in 1986, the Foam Company are now entering their 31st year. They pride themselves on being a family owned and run business, manufacturing foam, memory foam and latex components for use within the furniture industry. . In addition, they are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of mattresses with their own brands of SleepShaper and Revitalise, whilst also producing, under licence, Mammoth Medical Grade FoamTM.

All their beds and mattresses are manufactured in Abingdon, Oxfordshire and as strong advocates of UK manufacturing, they ensure, where possible, that all materials are sourced from UK companies.


Case Study – Asset Finance

Asset Finance Case Study

OPD are in the enviable position that, as a result of their reputation for delivering excellence, most of their business comes entirely through referrals and repeat business. This means though that they are continually striving to exceed their customers’ needs and demands. In order to achieve this, in addition to having the right team in place, it is vital for the company to utilise cutting edge technology.

As a business we had to decide whether to outright purchase the 3D Printer or look for business finance. Once we had spoken to NGI and realised how low the interest rates were and how simple a process they could make it, there was no decision to make.


Case Study – Asset Finance

Parkers are an independently owned estate agency franchise serving the Reading area since 1999. The franchise Group extends to nearly 400 offices operating under 6 established brand names nationwide.

Property is their passion. They have been selling and renting homes in Reading and beyond for over 70 years, the original Parkers brand was established in 1948. With coverage across Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, they offer the very best of service whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent.


Case Study – Asset Finance

Parkers (Witney), part of a larger network across the home counties, provide a wide range of properties for sale and rent across West Oxfordshire. They specialise in providing excellent customer service to tenants, landlords, vendors and buyers.

Parkers have recognised that moving is a busy and exciting time and they make sure the experience goes as smoothly as possible by giving you, their clients, all the help you need under one roof. The company has always been at the forefront of property marketing technology, but their biggest strength is the genuinely warm, friendly and professional approach that they offer to all of their clients. Located on Witney’s bustling High Street, they pride themselves on being at the heart of the town and the local community.


Case Study – Cash Flow Injection

Cash Flow Injection Case Study

The RedBrick Day Nursery first opened its doors in May 2016, and has been providing childcare solutions for children aged from 6 weeks to 5 years ever since. The Nursery is open from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday providing parents and carers with the option to have their children attend either full time, part time or after school.

The owner, Simone, soon realised that in order for the business to flourish they would need a better cashflow which could provide a safety net until their reputation was established.


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Asset Finance

Green light for traffic management company

Transport_VehiclesAcklea is one of the UK’s leading traffic management equipment suppliers, producing the signs and vehicles that are used at road works or accidents on the UK’s motorway network. As specialists in traffic management vehicle production and hire, their products include the LED sign boards used in mobile lane closure vehicles as well as the vehicles used to direct traffic using cones. Acklea is based in Calne, Wiltshire and makes or modifies vehicles bespoke to customer requirements with the addition of lighting boards, signage and crash cushions.

Local collaboration

In a recent transaction, terms of which remain undisclosed, the Corporate Finance team at Shaw Gibbs have assisted local businessman Martin Potter to acquire a controlling stake in Acklea Limited. Funding for the deal was secured by Chris Morris of NGI Finance in conjunction with Close Asset Finance and legal advice to Mr Potter was provided by Nicola McConville at Blake Lapthorn in Oxford.

Management Buy-In

Martin Potter has a background of over 20 years in the specialist vehicle industry in the infrastructure maintenance arena. His historic senior responsibilities have been in strategic business development, vehicle procurement, remarketing, maintenance and service delivery. The previous owner wanted to take more of a back seat in the running of the business and believed that Martin was the person to take the business on to the next level of development even though he will remain involved to spearhead the Company’s research & development.

Specialist transaction

A significant amount of money needed to be raised from the existing assets of the business but high street lenders are cautious because effectively the organisation is a new start business once the new owner is in situ, added to which in this case the assets were very specialist. Despite making the right noises, the high street lenders eventually came up with nothing.

Asset lender

NGI Finance was able to find an asset lender who understands this type of business transaction intimately. NGI arranged for senior personnel from the lender to meet with Shaw Gibbs and Martin Potter to discuss the terms. After months of negotiation, the deal was completed in December 2011 and Martin took over Acklea.

We faced numerous challenges, not least the difficult environment for doing corporate deals. Had it not been for NGI Finance facilitating the funding, the deal might never have been brought to a successful close.”

Peter O’Connell, Shaw Gibbs

Vehicle Finance

Pride and joy

Choosing a new car is an exciting time – from visiting showrooms, sitting in the vehicles to taking a test drive and when eventually you decide on the right model, colour and extras for you, the next step is to agree the finance deal. Very often it is the easiest thing to do to just sign on the dotted line and accept the deal that the garage offers you but as many NGI clients know, there are other offers out there that might suit you better if only you had time to look.

Sign here

When planning consultant Steven Sensecall reached the point in negotiations for buying a new Land Rover Discovery he was about to sign up for the dealer’s finance offer, after all it made things easy and straightforward. It also appeared to be very competitive, but there were a couple of things about the deal that he was not quite sure were right for him, so on recommendation, he asked NGI Finance for a quote as well.

Different dealer, different car

Paul Avins, a well- established business coach based in Oxfordshire, was also at the end of negotiations to purchase a £35,000 Audi and he too had been quoted by the dealer for their finance offering. Like Steve, Paul was referred to NGI Finance, again by another satisfied NGI client.

Right product, right price

In both cases, NGI Finance quickly identified that the product offered by the dealer was wrong for the client and the price was too expensive. Dealers usually only use one source for their finance, but as NGI uses a number of different finance houses, they have access to more options and can find the right one for the client’s requirements.

Time is of the essence

Neither Paul nor Steve had to wait any longer to take delivery of their cars using NGI than they would have done had they used the dealers finance. NGI got back to them both within a few hours with some options, talked them through and set up the deals within days ready for Steven and Paul to drive their respective cars off the garage forecourts on time.

“I saved myself over £2,500 by just picking up the phone and speaking to NGI Finance and I still took delivery of my new car within 3 days”

Paul Avins

“Not only is the finance deal that NGI came up with is £50 a month cheaper than the one the car dealer was offering, but the length of the term of the finance deal is better for me.”

Steven Sensecall, Kemp and Kemp

Property Investment

Due to the sensitive nature of the transaction, we are not able to name the property investment firm involved in this case study.

Property Investment

Alternative lenders

An experienced property investment firm had a sizeable portfolio of commercial and residential properties that they have built up over many years. They were used to borrowing money to purchase properties and had traditionally relied on high street banks for their mortgages.

Change in the market

The property investor wanted to raise some cash to buy more properties taking advantage of the discounted prices in the current market. Although they had an excellent track record with all of their current lenders, they had effectively run out of banks to borrow from, due in large to the current market conditions which have led to many main stream banks effectively withdrawing from property investment loans.

New lenders

NGI Finance was able to find new lenders not previously known to the client, even though they had been active in the property business for a significant period of time. There are a number of lenders that do not deal direct but only lend through brokers like NGI but who are able to offer very competitive terms to property investment firms.

With you every step of the way

Having dealt historically with bank officials who had a habit of taking a long time to make decisions and were renowned for their poor service in returning calls and keeping them informed, the property investor was refreshingly surprised with the service that they received from NGI Finance. Being a smaller organisation, NGI was on hand to help with every step, always available to answer questions and queries including arranging for the lending managers to meet with the investor in person.

“NGI Finance found us new lenders that we wouldn’t have otherwise known about”

Property investor

Agricultural Finance – understanding the needs of this industry

We were initially approached by a farmer based in Wales, who had found NGI finance’s details on our website. NGI arranges finance for companies all across the UK
and is not restricted by location.

The client required Asset Finance to purchase a new tractor, funding was approved and our client was able to arrange delivery within 5 days of the initial discussion.

Monthly or Seasonal Payments

Asset finance is arranged over a fixed term and provides the certainty of set repayments over an agreed period. Whether this be monthly instalments or payments to suit the seasonal nature of the business.

farm-machinery-financeNGI Finance offer agricultural finance for these assets:

  • Combine Harvesters
  • Tractors Crop Sprayers
  • Milking Parlours
  • Balers
  • Crop Sprayers
  • Quad Bikes
  • Fertiliser Tanks
  • Horse Boxes
  • Trailers

And we were delighted to help again

The client then came back to us 10 months later requesting finance to assist with cash flow as farming is seasonal and some times of the year are busier than others.

Our unsecured business loan product fitted the clients requirements and was approved within 48 hours of the application being submitted. The funds were in the client’s bank account the day the signed documents were received back in the office.

NGI Finance took away the stress associated with seasonal farming work. The client was extremely happy and could get on with his day to day running of the business.

Unsecured Business Loans can be used for most business purposes including:

  • equipment purchase
  • cash flow
  • expansion
  • support working capital
  • Call us and we will discuss the options with you 01993 706403

Financing film props

The owner of a specialist film production business was referred to NGI Finance by his corporate lawyer. The business had won a major contract with a global movie maker; to satisfy the contract they had to fund the purchase of new IT kit and digital scanning equipment. In addition to this they had a sizeable working capital requirement. Their bank refused to extend their current facilities.

Financing Film Props

NGI said yes!

NGI Finance was able to secure the finance with non high street lenders. Chris of NGI Finance successfully obtained £1million worth of asset and loan finance. This was a complicated transaction where a syndicate of lenders combined to meet the funding requirements..

Asset Finance made simple

Asset Finance is an agreement that enables you to fund the purchase of assets you need to operate your business. Asset Financing with NGI allows you to acquire much needed assets and spread the cost with fixed monthly payments

What is a soft asset?

Soft assets are those that have a low intrinsic open market resale value. For example IT & Communications equipment.

Says Chris, “It was very satisfying to have been able to put together a syndicated finance deal for this client when they were turned down by the bank. This is a great example of referral business, with their lawyer recommending us as someone who he knew could provide expert advice and find an alternative funding solution.”

Chris Morris September 2014

Supporting the scaffolding industry

We were approached via the NGI website by the owner of a scaffolding business. The owner reached out to us via a business social media network and also had been referred by a current client.


The business had seen a massive increase in work due to the upturn in the construction industry. Rather than continuing to hire scaffolding equipment, the owner decided it was more efficient to purchase new equipment. hire costs were escalating every month and we were able to undertake a cost exercise which showed that the business could afford to purchase equipment as opposed to hiring. Aside from the obvious cost saving, the hire purchase agreement we arranged was tax efficient for the business. A point well noted by the company accountant.

NGI Finance arranged £100k worth of scaffolding kit within 4 days, the supplier paid within one week. We subsequently financed a vehicle for the owner followed by a lorry for the business. Within 2 months of these transactions we arranged a working capital facility for the business.

The client said “Chris, thanks for your assistance. Very impressed with the service as always”

Not only was the client impressed but the supplying dealer for the lorry was also delighted with the service ;

“All has now been completed. Thanks for sorting it all out so efficiently. We will certainly bear you in mind if we have any customers needing finance arranged”