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Secured Business Loans

Companies are frequently being put under unreasonable pressure by their bank when they want to extend or take out an overdraft. Business owners prepared to look beyond their existing bank will discover that NGI Finance can offer secured business loans from £25,000.

Secured Business Loans can be used for most things including equipment purchase, cash flow, expansion plans, support working capital, payment of tax bills, or to reduce your bank overdraft. So if you are looking to grow, expand or develop your business and have tangible security in either a residential or commercial property to give, our secured business loan could be the perfect solution for your company.

Secured Business Loan criteria;

  • Secured Business loans from £25,000
  • Loans must be secured against UK property
  • Sole traders, Limited companies and partnerships considered
  • Will consider new starts, difficult credit profiles and established businesses
  • Fixed repayments or flexible terms such as seasonal payments and payment holidays.

Secured Business Loan uses;

  • Purchase stock
  • Business expansion
  • Pay off the overdraft
  • Fund cash flow
  • Purchase equipment
  • Build a new website
  • Purchase business software
  • Launch a new marketing campaign

At NGI Finance our business has been built on our reputation

We are fully aware that should you not be satisfied by the service we offer, you will tell others and that is why from the initial contact you make with us we will support you through every stage of the process, and make every effort to deliver you a successful outcome.

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