Franchise Finance

The SME sector is arguably the most important of all. It is rich in opportunities for both growing businesses and entrepreneurs. Those who want to become their own boss have never been in a more advantageous situation with a plethora of opportunities available to them.

Probably the one area which yields the best opportunities is purchasing a franchise. . A franchise gives an entrepreneur the opportunity to run their own business whilst also having the backing and infrastructure of a large corporation to support them.

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The need for finance

The one key area where additional support is required will be the money required to purchase the franchise. A substantial investment will need to be sourced. Fortunately, the NGI team have a proven method for supporting new businesses during the start-up phase of their franchise. We can provide advice and guidance and then make sure that you get the right funding for your specific franchising needs.

How to begin

There are 3 simple steps to undertake:

Finalise your plan – it will be important to have a business plan and this document can be used by a potential lender to fully understand the current financial situation and predictions for future growth.

Be clear on your costs – you need to make sure you apply for the right amount of finance, yes there is the cost of purchasing the franchise, but you also need to account for working capital and personal/business expenses.

Always be realistic – just because you are told you will make ‘xx’ amount of money in the first year, it does not mean you actually will. Take a realistic approach to your finance needs and make sure it covers all eventualities.

The next steps

All you need to do next is to give us a call on 01993 70640 or e-mail We can support you just like we have with Doreen Rose who purchased a franchise of Martin & Co for £150,000.