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Business Asset Finance

Here at NGI Finance, we offer a selection of Asset Financing Solutions for your business. Our most popular are Hire Purchase and Finance Lease. No matter what size your business is, deciding whether to invest in Business Assets is a difficult decision, so we try to make the process as simple and affordable as possible for all our clients.

What is Asset Finance?

Asset Finance is essentially an agreement that enables you to obtain the assets you need to manage and / or expand your business effectively. Asset Financing with NGI Finance allows you to acquire much needed assets and spread the cost/outlay. All kinds of businesses use Asset Finance; from office-based enterprises to manufacturers and agricultural businesses.

What are the benefits of Asset Finance?

The benefits of Asset Finance are plentiful! Asset Finance is a great alternative to the more traditional bank loan, due to the increased tax benefits and the ease of budgeting your payments according to your cash flow. Furthermore, it is a secured agreement, as the lender is securing it’s finance against the asset. The aforementioned cash flow benefits are also highly valuable, as we can tailor your payment strategy to match the cash in your business each month

Hire Purchase Explained

Hire Purchase allows you to buy an asset and pay for it over a period of time, spreading the cost via an agreement with NGI Finance. You will pay an initial deposit, and we’ll secure a highly competitive rate of interest for your monthly payments. By utilising the Hire Purchase option, you can also claim capital tax allowances.

Finance Lease Explained

Finance Leasing is means of Asset Finance that is affordable and secure. Businesses can obtain machinery or equipment via NGI Finance by hiring it directly for a fixed contract period at an agreed monthly rental price. You will then have the option of continuing the agreement, or disposing of it to a 3rd party.

We offer Asset Finance for the following: